Monday, October 21, 2013

Bowron Lake Canoe Circuit Day 2: Reflections

Today's Travel: Isaac Lake

Km Paddled - 25                               Km Portaged - 0               Total Km Traveled - 40.2

Good Morning!

It is a beautiful autumn morning.  The lake is calm and there is are wisps of clouds around the mountains. Another great day for a paddle.

It is worth a few pictures while the eggs and bacon are being cooked.  

A mink ran through our site as we packed up the gear. He didn't even stop to sniff around.

The day starts with a paddle along the west arm of Isaac Lake, the biggest lake on the circuit.

It is sunny and warm.  Absolutely fantastic.

As we paddle, we can hear the water flowing into the lake from off the mountains.  The lake is deep and a beautiful aquamarine colour. There are many old trees down there, all covered in algae, looking like masts from old pirate ships sunk long ago.

The last of the leaves are a brilliant yellow, which mixes nicely with the greens of the lichens that also hang from the branches.  The nuthatches sing from the woods and give rhythm to our paddle as we get closer to the end of the lake's west arm.

Then we round the corner of Wolverine Bay, and...


Mountain after mountain after mountain, all reflected perfectly on the waters of the lake.  31 kms of pure mountain reflections.

Happy Birthday to me!

We enjoy the next few hours of paddling in paradise, ducking to go under overhanging trees.  We also snuck up on a merganser who was so busy hunting fish, he didn't even care that we were there.

We stopped to enjoy autumn on the land and check out some of the other campsites.

A little friend stopped by to visit when we stopped.  He also wasn't spooked by us.

A little lunch to refill the energy stores, complete with views in every direction.

And a couple of casts, before setting out again, this time trolling the fishing line behind the boat.  While some fish were jumping, nothing was caught.

After lunch, the view changed slightly.  But was still fabulous.  We paddled towards these mountains for the rest of the day, before stopping in at campsite #22 for the night.

Yup, we're both here in paradise.

Time to make some more drinking water and get dinner started.

What a gorgeous sunset.  Pink hues over the blue mountains. 

After dinner, we made s'mores with triscuits instead of graham crackers (very yummy - think salty and sweet together) and Mark sang me 'Happy Birthday'.  Then we snuggled in for sweet dreams.

The end of a very, very happy birthday.

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